Unwind, Relax & Socialize.

Kava Cove is an upscale Kava Lounge and your new relaxation destination. We serve up the best quality Kava, referred to as “noble” kava in a variety of flavors ranging from Coconut to Pineapple. Kava is a unique drink that gives you a feeling of mental well-being without any adverse effects on your health or nauseating hangovers the next day.

Being family owned and operated, we at Kava Cove understand and value the importance of personal relations. After all, we want you to be a part of our family. So, attention to detail and personal service are our trademarks. Our servers ensure that they personally attend to each patron and that the Kava is uniquely tailored to the satisfaction of their tastebuds. We know Kava Lounges are a novelty and so our servers are more than happy to guide you through the selection process. We have also created a unique and welcoming ambiance, where you can sit back, unwind, socialize, and have a great time. We have a flat screen TV, foosball, and pool tables for your entertainment.

Kava Cove is not your everyday lounge, but rather a unique concept. Its where you hang out with your friends, celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, and make new friends. So, whether you are in a mood for a game of pool, watch football with your friends or just spend a quiet evening enjoying Kava, Kava Cove is the place to be at.

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Unwind, Relax & Socialize

at Kava Cove!

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  • " Best kava bar in Central Florida. The staff goes above and beyond for their customers. The drinks are strong and very fairly priced. There are a ton of fun weekly events to attend such as open-mic, game nights, movie nights, potlucks, kava pong and more! Great place to meet new people, study, work, and relax. I highly recommend checking this place out! "

    by Jade Battaglia

  • " Chill low-key vibe with reasonably priced drinks and comfortable seating. A great place to go for your kava or kratom fix, or learn more about drinking them. They are cool about folks bringing in their own food as they only sell snacks. The parking is a bit weird; park in front the first time (most direct) but explore the back exit through the hallway that leads to additional parking in the rear of the building. Rear parking is more readily available once you know the path through the hallway. "

    by Lynne Cohen

  • " It’s a great alternative to bars if you’re wanting a night out. This is a lovely chill spot with plenty of options for whatever mood you want to be in. The service is friendly, the kava is delicious. If you’ve wondered about alcohol alternatives this is a great spot to try something new, ask questions they are very informative and give great suggestions. "

    by Lindsay Best

  • " Their drink called the Kapow is just like it sounds, really strong! Strongest Kratom brew that I've found in central Florida. "

    by Rick Clayton

  • " I promise you will NOT find a better Kava Kratom bar in Orlando. Noone beats their prices , strength and staff that are here. Literally like a 2nd home to all the regulars. Very calming atmosphere, LOVE their events. Happy hour is great too. Its more of a family at this place. "

    by Grace Strickland